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freewheeling circus


RASOTERRA's artistic research takes the form of a jump, an attempt at take-off. The company represent a challenge to our feet glued to the ground.

RASOTERRA creates contemporary circus shows with the intention of sharing their research and reflections.

RASOTERRA is the result of European and international encounters, productions and artistic exchanges.

The company was founded in Brussels in 2010 from the desire to give shape to the intense physical and creative work of Damiano Fumagalli and Alice Roma. In 2012, the first show of the company premiered: PANNI SPORCHI, a collaboration with director and performance creator Firenza Guidi. In the spring of 2012, Claire Ruiz, a French acrobat from the Tandem Company, trained at ESAC (Brussels), began collaborating with the two Italian cyclists. The trio created a first number - Totem. In March 2014, RASOTERRA presented the street show "The Flying Whale", winning the audience prize at the Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka 2015 (Japan). In July 2019, with the support of Cartons Production, RASOTERRA presented antother street perfromance "VIRUS". September 2019 saw the debut of "Granelli", the company's first production for children, a project co-produced with Cordata F.O.R. 2020 was the year of "Happiness" and 2021 followed with the debut of "BOA", two productions exploring the idea of happiness as a driving force to confront today. 

Numerous collaborations enrich the company's work: "projet.PDF", an all-female collective of which Alice and Claire are co-founders and have been working constantly since 2015; Nofit State Circus with the show "Labyrinth" (Great Britain); ON- Orit Nevo Contemporary Circus (Israel); "Milo & Maya" Opera Domani (co-production of Aslico Teatro - EU project); Circo el grito with the show "The King of Swing" (Italy).

chi siamo




Premiere: 2020

acrobatic street comedy duo

Duration: 40 min


With HAPPINESS, the RASOTERRA company gives us a reflection on happiness.

Chasing after happiness, one can spend one's whole life without ever reaching it. And usually, happiness is just around the corner.

How do you find the balance between being content with what you have and pursuing your dreams?
This street show brings a moment of lightness, but it also wants to make people think about how to have fun in life!

It is an attempt to make people feel happiness, to surprise themselves in happiness.

By and with Alice Gaia Roma, Damiano Fumagalli

Thanks to Juliette Hulot

Original music by Francesca Musnicki

Production: Circo RASOTERRA



a lifesaver for happiness